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Asianude4u post by raojai70 @ Oddassy com
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Post by raojai70 @ oddassy jun-27-2010

Leah Leung SM0670A, 65pics, 18Mb
Leah Leung, SM0670B, 65pics, 16Mb
Leanna Leung SM1758B, 95pics, 35Mb
Leanna Leung SM1758C, 95pics, 38Mb
Lee Chin Man SL00023, 55pics, 10Mb
Lee Choi Wa SM0327A, 60pics, 13Mb
Lee Hang Yee SM0519, 63pics, 11Mb
Lee Ka Yan SM1051A, 65pics, 10Mb
Lee Ka Yan SM1051B, 87pics, 11Mb
Lee Ka Yan SM1063, 50pics, 6mb
Lee Ka Yan SM1154A, 61pics, 19Mb
Lee Ka Yan SM1154B, 62pics, 11Mb
Lee Ka Yan SM1272, 60pics, 20Mb
Lee Ka Yan SM1281B, 63pics, 13Mb
Lee Ka Yan SM1281C, 65pics, 14Mb
Lee Ka Yan masturbating for us - a vid in 3 parts - Lee Ka Yan 2
Lee Kuen SL00333, 53pics, 25Mb
Lee Lai Kit SM0414B, 60pics, 18Mb
Lee Lai Kit, SM0414C, 65pics, 15Mb
Lee Lai Yee SM1101A, 67pics,
Three sets of Lee Lai Yee at SA:
Lee Li SM0733A, 56pics, 6Mb
Lee Li SM0733B, 65pics, 6Mb
Lee Li SM0733C, 67pics, 7Mb
Lee Li SM0803, 60pics, 10Mb
Lee Li SM0804, 66pics,
Lee Ling and Cheung Shan, SL00003, 82 pics
Lee Man Ling SM1216B, 60pics, 12Mb
Lee Man Ling SM1216C, 65pics, 14Mb
Lee Man Ling SM1220, 60pics, 11Mb
Lee Man Ling vid in 3 parts:
Im sure you will all recognize that Lincy Leaw is my type. I've adored her since first seeing her in A4Y days. It's not just her perfect little body, but more the way she brings your screen to life with her infectious joy. Here she is in her AN4U incarnation - only one set, alas, but apparently issued in two names. Lincy is also Cat Chonthicha at 88sq and Catehrine Hoew at ITS/ANC.
Lee Man Sum or Lee Chi Sum, SM00080, 62pics, 10Mb
Lee Man Yu, SM00739B, 58pics, 10Mb
Lee Man Yu SM0787B, 68pics, 14Mb
Lee Man Yu SM0787C, 71pics, 21Mb
Here are her two sets as Deanie Lam:
Her set at PA as Lee Man Yu:
Lee Men SL00077, 50pics, 15Mb
Lee Pui Pui SM0241, 60pics, 12Mb
Lee Pui Pui SM0244, 50pics, 7Mb
Lee Pui Yan SM0303A, 56pics, 7Mb
Lee Pui Yan, SM0303C, 50pics,
This pretty girl's moist pussy is the focus of this set.
Lee Sin Yan SM0294D, 60pics, 10Mb
Lee Siu Ling SL00020 56pics, 12Mb
Lee Siu Ling SM0695B 94pics,
Lee Siu Ying SM1047 61pics, 13Mb
Lee Siu Ying SM1060, 65pics,
Lee Siu Ying at SA:
A Couple of SA vids:SA DV0083M
SA DV0083S
SA DV0111D:
SA DV0111M:
Lee Sum Ling SM0494, 60pics,
Lee Sum Ling SM0566, 55pics, 14Mb
Lee Sze Wan SM1204A, 61pics, 16Mb
Lee Sze Wan SM1204C, 63pics, 24Mb
Lee Sze Wan SM1204D, 60pics, 21Mb
Lee Wai Chun SM0537, 65pics, 17Mb
Lee Wai Chun SM0579A, 66pics, 14Mb
Lee Wing Lam SM0167, 60pics,
Lee Yue Yue, SM0819A, 70pics, 37Mb
Lee Yuk Ying SM0740A, 66pics,
Leila Lam SL00465, 55pics, 13Mb
Lena Lee, SL00591, 56pics, 15Mb
Leona Wong SM1872A, 95pics, 40Mb
Leona Wong SM1872C, 95pics, 30Mb
Leung Choi Yee SM1153A, 60pics, 12Mb
Leung Choi Yee SM1153B, 60pics,
Leung Hoi Po SM0377B, 60pics, 17Mb
Leung Ka Ka SM0878, 65pics, 17Mb
Leung Ka Ka SM0879, 63pics 17Mb
Leung Ka Ka SM0880, 61pics, 18Mb
Leung Ka Ka SM1146, 64pics, 8Mb
Leung Ka Lan SL00046, 50pics, 8Mb
Leung Ka Yee SM0736B 55pics, 8Mb
Leung Ka Yee SM0736C, 60pics, 16Mb
Leung Ka Yin SM00064, 65pics, 10Mb
Leung Kit Yee SL00142, 60pics, 16Mb
Leung Kit Yi SL00066, 47pics,
Leung Lai Ki SM0276B, 66pics, 7Mb
Leung Po Ling or Wong Sau Lin SM0731, 66pics, 10Mb
Leung Po LIng SM0876, 67pics,
Leung Po LIng SM0877, 66pics, 15Mb
Leung Po Ling SM0900 54pics, 7Mb
Leung Po Ling SM0989, 66pics, 10Mb
Leung Pui Yuk SM0124 50pics, 8Mb
Leung Wai Ling SL00135, 54pics, 17Mb
Leung Wing San SM0417B, 65pics, 23Mb
Leung Wing San SM0459, 55pics, 23Mb

Thanks a million for the bunch of links, please keep up the good work, raojai70.
the great one!
many thank...
Very much appreciated, raojai!
Thanx! Great Collection!
This is one helluva post mate! Thank you!!!!!
Great stuff, thanks for sharing!


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